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About Us
The Brighter Future Anti-Bullying Foundation, Inc is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that children can go to school, learn and reach their full potential without fear or intimidation from bullying.  All students should strive for academic excellence without being labeled a nerd or strange.  Our organization works to ensure that there is a zero tolerance bullying policy in every school nation-wide.  We are accomplishing this by:

  • Working with the Federal and State legislature to create laws to strengthen existing anti-bullying policies.
  • Working with local School Boards of Education to enforce existing anti-bullying policies.
  • Working with principals to enforce anti-bullying policy and create policies when no policy exists or strengthen existing policies.
  • Working with PTA associations to give information on the importance of anti-bullying policies.
  • Speaking to children about the importance of getting a great education and making it cool to be smart and get good grades.
  • Partnering with radio, cable and television entities to provide information on the importance of a zero tolerance policy.
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         “The Brighter Future Anti-Bullying Foundation, Inc.’s mission is to create a learning environment in schools where children can receive a valuable learning and educational experience without fear of being bullied.”


          “The Brighter Future Anti-Bullying Foundation, Inc.’s vision is to be the preeminent source of information and strategy development on bully prevention in the area of education. We will continuously strive to create a harmonious relationship between students, parents, administrators, educators, legislators and the community. We will work with local and federal legislators to strengthen anti-bullying policy and law.”